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Tuesday, April 6, 2010
Since I have recently receive so many emails about samples and about when am I planning to officially launch. I have recently finish given out 50 samples already so I'm sorry to say that I'm no longer going to be taking anymore requests for samples. As to when I plan to officially launch, I plan to officially launch in Mid- Aug. just in time for the fall semester.

$5 Preview Sale

Guy and Girl Package:

Includes: 2 Jello Sticks, Seaweed, Dried Squid ( Guys) or Pocky Sticks (Girls), March Koloa or Hello Panda, Choco Pie or Custard Cake, Marshmallow candy, Hi- Chew, Crispiroll and a Personalized mini card**.

Limit The Sweet Package:

Includes: Seaweed, Dried squid, Rice Cracker Mix, 2 Different type of Rice Cracker, 2 Hi-Chew, 2 Jello Sticks and Personalized Mini Greeting Card** .

Sweet Lover:

Includes: 2 Jello Sticks, marshmallow candy, Hi- Chew candy, Hello Panda or March Koloa, Yan Yan Cookies or Pocky Sticks, Crispiroll, Choco-pie or Custard cake, gummy candy, Burbon snack and Personalized mini greeting card**.

*All Packages would be place into resealable clear gift bag like this*

*This is what the package looks like when it is ready to be ship*

** Please send me an email with your personalized message and what type of greeting card you are looking for (Birthday, Good Luck, Just Because, Graduation...) after you have purchase the package**


For all those people that receive a sample from me and left feedback on the package for me, I would like to thank you by offering a 10% off your first order and a free gift when I officially launch. For everyone else who makes a purchase during my preview sale will also be getting 10% off .

I wanted to personally thank Ahleessa for a review of my package on her blog. If you would like to see the review it is : Here

I also wanted to thank Michelle Cho for her review on her blog. You should go see it here!


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